Cooper, John - Space Weathering Investigations Enabled by Virtual Energetic Particle Observatory and the Space Physics Data Facility

The NASA Virtual Energetic Particle Observatory (VEPO) and Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) collaborate on provision of data products and services of strong potential use for modeling of space weather and resultant surface weathering on inner and outer solar system objects, and for radiation hazard assessments related to robotic and future human exploration missions. The VEPO services are provided in direct collaboration with the DREAM2 team of SSERVI. Current VEPO services include intercomparison of differential flux spectra for protons, helium, and heavier ions from operational missions including the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE), WIND, SOHO, and STEREO-A/B. Older mission data are also available for comparison from earlier epochs for Ulysses, IMP-8, Helios-1/2, Pioneer-10/11, and Voyager-1/2. As discussed, the differential flux spectra can be transformed with radiation transport models, e.g. GEANT, into depth dosage and surface sputtering profiles useful for modeling of space weathering effects and radiation hazards. Long term averages can be computed to simulate solar cycle effects. A further important application is to compare flux data from different sensors and spacecraft to check instrument calibrations.