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Time/Date Sunday, July 20, 2014 Location/Speaker
5-7:30pm Early Registration and Reception NASA Ames
SSERVI Building 17

DAY 1: Monday, July 21, 2014

7:00 Poster setup begins NASA Ames Bldg. 152
7:30 Student Lightning Round presenters: Breakfast with SSERVI Director NASA Ames Bldg. 152, Rm. 103-104
8-8:30AM REGISTRATION: NASA Ames Building 152 NASA Ames Bldg. 152
START 8:30 AM PLENARY SESSION I a : Mission Updates      Chair: Yvonne Pendleton Building 152 MAIN ROOM
8:30 Welcome speakers: Pete Worden, Jim Green, Victoria Friedensen, and Yvonne Pendleton    Building 152 MAIN ROOM
8:45 SSERVI Honors and Invited Lectures: Shoemaker Award, Wargo Award and Neibur Awards    Building 152 MAIN ROOM
10:05 John Keller -- The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – Highlights and Looking Forward (Invited)       Building 152 MAIN ROOM
10:25 Christopher Russell -- The Smallest Terrestrial Planet Seen in the Light of Dawn (Invited)       Building 152 MAIN ROOM
10:45 BREAK  
10:55 Rick Elphic -- Barnstorming the Moon: Adventures of the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (Invited)   Building 152 MAIN ROOM
11:15 Jasper Halekas -- The Latest From ARTEMIS (Invited)   Building 152 MAIN ROOM
11:35 Scott Sandford -- An Overview of the OSIRIS-REX Asteroid Sample Return Mission (Invited)      Building 152 MAIN ROOM
1:30 PM PLENARY SESSION I b : Mission Updates Continued     Chair: Brad Bailey Building 152 MAIN ROOM
1:30 Maria Zuber The Interior Structure of the Moon from the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory Mission (Invited) NASA Ames Building 152 MAIN ROOM
1:50 Amy Mainzer Exploring the Near-Earth Objects with NEOWISE (Invited)   NASA Ames Building 152 MAIN ROOM
  PLENARY SESSION II: Asteroid Populations and Geophysics     Chair: Brad Bailey Building 152 MAIN ROOM
2:10 William Bottke -- Overview Talk Parallel Session #1 - GEOPHYSICS:
Moon-Forming Impact Ejecta as the Source of the Earliest Lunar Bombardment
Building 152 MAIN ROOM
2:30 Lance Benner -- Overview Talk for Parallel Session 2 - ASTEROID POPULATIONS: Radar Reconnaissance of Near-Earth Asteroids       Building 152 MAIN ROOM
2:50 Lightning Round #1: Student Poster Previews    Bldg. 152 MAIN ROOM
3:00 Transition to Parallel Session Rooms  

Parallel Session #1. GEOPHYSICS

Bldg. 152 Main Room



Bldg. 152 Room 117

  Chairs: William Bottke, Paul Hayne   Chairs: Michael Busch, Amy Mainzer  
3:10 Billy Quarles -- Theia’s Provenance: Dynamical Evolution of a Late Impactor     Michael Busch -- Radar and Near-Earth Asteroid Exploration Missions       
3:25 Julien Salmon -- Accretion of the Moon from Disk Produced by Non-Canonical Impacts         Carolyn Nugent -- Exploring Asteroid Surfaces: Thermophysical Modeling with NEOWISE Observations        
3:40 Jean Pierre Williams -- Global Surface Temperatures of the Moon        Humberto Campins -- Water and Organic Molecules on Asteroids and on Earth       
3:55 Paul Hayne -- Thermal Inertia of the Moon from Diviner Lunar Radiometer Measurements        Martin Connors -- The Temporal Variation of the Rate of Interplanetary Field Enhancements Seen in Association with Asteroids 2201 Oljato at Venus and 138175 at Earth       
4:10 Nathan Williams -- Fault Dislocation Modeling of Tectonic Landforms in Mare Frigoris        Hairong Lai -- You Know Where the Parent Body is but Where are the Co-Orbitals?       
4:25 Simone Dell’Agnello -- Next-Generation Laser Retroreflectors for Solar System Exploration, Geodesy and Gravitational Physics        Hong-Kyu Moon -- The DEEP-SOUTH: Round-the-clock Physical Characterization of NEOs in the Southern Hemisphere       
  PLENARY SESSION III: NASA Town Hall       Chair: Yvonne Pendleton      
4:45 NASA Town Hall    Building 152 MAIN ROOM    
5:30 POSTER SESSION Building 152    




DAY 2: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

8-8:30AM REGISTRATION NASA Ames Building 152
START 8:30 AM PLENARY SESSION IV: Volatiles and Geology      Chair: Greg Schmidt Building 152 MAIN ROOM
8:30 Joseph Lazio -- Overview Talk - Fifty Years of Exploration Science with the
Deep Space Network (Invited)
Building 152 MAIN ROOM
8:50 Brent Garry -- Overview Talk Parallel Session #3 - GEOLOGY
The Formation of Pits in Volcanic Environments: Analogs and Lessons for Future Planetary Exploration
Building 152 MAIN ROOM
9:10 Nancy Chabot -- Overview Talk Parallel Session #4 - VOLATILES
Inner Solar System Volatiles: Insights from Images of Mercury’s Polar Deposits
Building 152 MAIN ROOM
9:30 Lightning Round #2: Student Poster Previews    Bldg. 152 MAIN ROOM
9:45 Transition to Parallel Session Rooms  

Parallel Session #3: GEOLOGY

Building 152 MAIN ROOM

NASA Ames Bldg. 152 Main Room

Parallel Session #4:VOLATILES

Building 152 ROOM 117

NASA Ames Bldg 152 Room 117
  Chairs: Sarah Braden, Barbara Cohen   Chairs: Timothy A. Livengood, Matt Siegler  
9:50 M. Elise Rumpf -- Thicknesses of Lunar Lava Flows: Comparison of Layered Mare Units with Terrestrial Analogs        Richard Miller -- New Insights into the Polar Depth Distribution of Hydrogen at the Lunar Poles       
10:05 Lauren Jozwiak -- Lunar Floor-fractured Craters: Constraining the Timing of Intrusion Formation within the Lunar Volcanic History     Matt Siegler -- Evolution of Lunar Ice Stability       
10:20 Jennifer Whitten -- Lunar cryptomaria: The Distribution and Composition of Ancient Volcanic Deposits on the Moon     David Glenar -- Influence of Faint Light Sources on the Moon's Permanently Shadowed Regions       
10:35 Abigail Fraeman -- Compositions of Phobos and Deimos: The View from Visible to Near Infrared Spectroscopy        Wes Patterson -- Mini-RF Bistatic Observations of Cabeus Crater       
10:50 Benjamin Greenhagen -- Compositional Ground Truth for the Diviner Lunar Radiometer: Comparing Apollo Sites and Soils        Timothy A. Livengood -- Evidence for Diurnally Varying Hydration at the Moon's Equator from the Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector (LEND)       
11:05 Daniel Moriarty The Diverse Local and Regional Stratigraphy of the South Pole – Aitken Basin        Michael Zimmerman -- Simulations of the Thermal and Plasma Environment within Lunar Pits and Lava Tubes: Could Cryogenic Regions Trap Ions from the Solar Wind?       
11:20 Noah Petro -- Sampling Impact Melt from the South Pole-Aitken Basin and SPA Pre-Nectarian Basins        Katharine Robinson -- Varied H Concentration and Isotopic Composition in the Lunar Interior       
11:35 J.R. Skok -- Mojave Volatiles Prospector – Water in the Mojave Desert as an Analog to the Lunar Poles        Jim Head -- Lunar Regional Pyroclastic Deposits: Evidence for Eruption from Dikes Emplaced into the Near-Surface Crust       
11:50 Emily Law -- The Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal: Tools for Mission Planning, Science, and Outreach        Shuai Li -- Quantitative Mapping of Hydration in Lunar Pyroclastic Deposits and Implications for Lunar Volcanic Processes       
START 1:30 PLENARY SESSION V: Exospheres, Outreach, and Geochemistry         Chair: Doris Daou Building 152 MAIN ROOM
1:30 Mehdi Benna -- Overview Talk Parallel Session #5 - EXOSPHERES
Variability of Helium, Neon and Argon in the Lunar Exosphere as Observed by the LADEE NMS Instrument  
Building 152 MAIN ROOM
1:50 Patrick Peplowski -- Overview Talk Parallel Session #6 - GEOCHEMISTRY
Abundances of H and Major-elements on Asteroid 433 Eros: Revisiting the In-situ Measurements of the NEAR Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
Building 152 MAIN ROOM
2:10 Linda Billings -- Overview Talk - Communication Challenges Facing NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program and the International Asteroid Warning Network       Building 152 MAIN ROOM
2:30 Lightning Round #3: Student Poster Previews    Bldg. 152 Main Room
2:40 Transition to Parallel Session Rooms  

Parallel Session #5. EXOSPHERES + OUTREACH

Building 152 MAIN ROOM

Bldg. 152 Main Room

Parallel Session #6. GEOCHEMISTRY + OUTREACH

Building 152 ROOM 117

Bldg 152 Room 117
  Chairs: Rick Elphic, Kurt Retherford   Chairs: Karl Hibbitts, Derek Sears  
2:50 Andrew Shaner -- Center for Lunar Science and Exploration         Kyeong Kim -- Introduction to Elemental Distribution of Si and Other Major Elements on the Lunar Surface Observed by Kaguya GRS       
3:05 Anthony Colaprete -- Initial Results from the LADEE Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometer        Maurizio Pajola -- Is Phobos Capture Origin a Priori Excluded From its Low Bulk Density?    
3:20 Dana Hurley -- Propagation of Water in the Chang’e-3 Exhaust Plume from LADEE Observations        Karl Hibbitts -- Relevance of UV Reflectance Spectroscopy to Inferring the Compositions of the Moon and Asteroids       
3:35 Andrew Poppe -- LADEE/LDEX Observations of Pick-up Ion Variability in the Lunar Exosphere        Darby Dyar -- Valence State Measurements of Minerals Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy       
3:50 Kurt Retherford -- Lunar Volatile Transport in the Exosphere and from Impact Plumes: LRO/LAMP Observing Campaigns Coordinated with LADEE        Aron Coraor -- Simulating Surface Materials: Preparation for the Exploration of Airless Bodies    
4:05 Menelaos Sarantos -- The Na and K Content of the Moon's Exosphere is Limited by the Impact Vaporization Rate     Martin Schoonen -- Reactive Oxygen Species Generation by Lunar Simulants       
4:20 Tim Stubbs -- The Effects of Meteoroid Streams on the Lunar Environment: Observations from the LADEE Mission        Alexandra Matiella Novak -- Lessons Learned on Professional Development for Future Teachers: The Solar System Exploration Pre-service Teacher Institute       
4:35 Transition to Parallel Session Rooms  
4:45 LEAG/SBAG Town Hall Meeting       Chair: Greg Schmidt    NASA Ames Bldg. 152
5:30 POSTER SESSION NASA Ames Bldg.152

DAY 3 Wednesday, July 23, 2014

8-8:30 REGISTRATION NASA Ames Building 152
START 8:30 AM PLENARY SESSION VI: Human Exploration Drivers, Regolith, and Dust Chair: Greg Schmidt Building 152 MAIN ROOM
8:30 Anthony Colaprete -- Resource Prospector: A Lunar Volatiles Prospecting and ISRU Demonstration Mission (Invited)      Building 152 MAIN ROOM
8:50 Michele Gates -- Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) (Invited)      Building 152 MAIN ROOM
9:10 Paul Spudis -- Overview Talk Parallel Session #7 - Human Destination Drivers: The Moon as an Enabling Asset for Spaceflight      Building 152 MAIN ROOM
9:30 Daniel Britt -- Overview Talk Parallel Session #8 - Regolith & Dust Forward
Modeling Space Weathering
Building 152 MAIN ROOM
9:50 Transition to Parallel Session Rooms  


Building 152 MAIN ROOM

NASA Ames Bldg. 152 Main Room

Parallel Session #8. REGOLITH & DUST

Building 152 ROOM 117

NASA Ames Bldg 152 Room 117
  Chairs: Samuel Lawrence, Clive Neal   Chairs: Brett Denevi, Amanda Hendrix  
10:00 Mark Robinson -- Discoveries from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and Future Human Exploration of the Moon        Amanda Hendrix -- Regional Variations in FUV Lunar Signatures    
10:15 Ben Bussey -- New Analyses of the Moon’s North Polar Illumination Conditions        Tristram Warren -- The Oxford Space Environmnet Goniometer    
10:30 David Kring -- Implementing the GER: Human-assisted Lunar Sample Return from the Schrödinger and South Pole-Aitken Basins Using the Orion Spacecraft     John Cooper -- Space Weathering Investigations Enabled by Virtual Energetic Particle Observatory and the Space Physics Data Facility    
10:45 Jacob Bleacher -- Geologist Crew Assignments During Delayed Communication Human Exploration of Solar System Surfaces        Patrick Gasda -- Laser Space Weathering of Carbon: What Can We Expect from NEO Sample Return?    
11:00 Jack Burns -- Teleoperation of Rovers on Planetary Surfaces     Charles El Mir -- Origin and Evolution of Regolith on Airless Bodies: The Role of Thermal Fatigue    
11:15 Lillian Ostrach -- Characterization of Smooth Deposits Within South-Pole Aitken Basin: The Search for Impact Melt Deposits        Brett Denevi -- Global Variability in Regolith Properties on Vesta    
11:30 Clive Neal -- Using the Moon to Go to Mars: Why Lunar Exploration Should Not be Ignored     Kris Zacny -- PlanetVac: Pneumatic Sample Acquisition and Delivery System for Asteroids    
11:45 Young-Jun Choi -- Scientific Aspects for Korean Lunar Exploration        Lawrence Taylor -- Understanding Lunar Soils: An Apollo Perspective       


Building 152 MAIN ROOM

NASA Ames Bldg. 152 Main Room Parallel Session #8 (Continued) REGOLITH & DUST NASA Ames Bldg 152 Room 117
  Chairs: William Farrell, Darlene Lim   Chairs: Daniel Britt, Tobin Munsat  
1:30 Darlene Lim -- Managing, Mitigating and Adapting to the Impact of Communication Latencies on Human-robotic Scientific Exploration – Lessons from Pavilion Lake Research Project Field Deployments     Mihaly Horanyi -- Lunar Impact Ejecta Clouds Observed by LDEX       
1:45 Brent Barbee -- The Near-Earth Object Human Space Flight Accessible Targets Study (NHATS)         Jamey Szalay -- LADEE/LDEX Observations of Meteor Streams at the Moon    
2:00 William Farrell -- Spacecraft-NEO Water Interaction During the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM)        Brendan Hermalyn -- Dust Around the Moon: Preliminary Results from the LADEE Ultraviolet Visible Spectrometer    
2:15 Kurt Klaus -- The Space Launch System and the Path to Mars         Eberhard Gruen -- Dynamical and Collisional Timescales of Meteoroids Released From Jupiter Family Comets    
2:30 Brian Shiro -- Geological Field Activities at the HI-SEAS Planetary Surface Analog Mission Simulation in Hawai‘i        Carle Pieters -- The Special Environment of Lunar Swirls    
2:45 James Johnson on behalf of Dr. Margaret Race -- Planetary Protection for Future Human Missions -- Addressing Science Gaps and Providing Input for Future Systems, Operations and Equipment for Mars      Timothy Glotch -- Spectral and Thermophysical Properties of Phobos from the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer    
3:00 Transition to MAIN ROOM  
  PLENARY SESSION VII: Developing Missions, Student Awards and Closings       Chair: Yvonne Pendleton Bldg. 152 Main Room
3:10 Julia Castillo-Rogez -- Developing Mission Talk - Reconnaissance of a Human Exploration Target with the NEA Scout Mission (Invited)   Building 152 MAIN ROOM
3:30 Barbara Cohen -- Developing Mission Talk - Lunar Flashlight: Mapping Lunar Surface Volatiles Using a Cubesat (Invited)      Building 152 MAIN ROOM
3:50 Student Poster Awards   Building 152 MAIN ROOM
4:00 Jim Head Keynote Talk - Scientific Goals for Human Exploration Destinations (Invited) Building 152 MAIN ROOM
4:30 Closing Remarks Building 152 MAIN ROOM